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Meagan Musing


Thank You

We've had a fun week around here. We've been to the park and the indoor playground at church twice. We've been to Gymboree, Babies R Us and the grocery store. We also tried a new (to us) local market, Sunflower Farmers Market. They had lots of local, fresh produce at really good prices.

And now we're watching my parents' dog, Wrigley, for the weekend. Wrigley is a Shih Tzu, and he and Fenway are crazy about each other. We're going to have two really tired dogs on our hands come Sunday.

Andrew's loving having two dogs to chase around. I'm hoping I can teach him to count to two this weekend. One dog...two dogs. I'm sure it will work! :)

I've been working on teaching him the sign for thank you. You put your hand up to your mouth and then bring your arm down and out to say thank you. (I don't know if this is official, but it works for babies.)

Andrew will do it when prompted, but people think he's blowing kisses. So not only is he learning to be polite, but he's loving, too!

I was talking to a friend today about how late I sleep now. I usually just let Andrew wake me up, and he's usually up by 7:30 so that doesn't seem too late to get my day started. But back when I had my old job I thought nothing of getting up at 6AM every day. Now, if Andrew woke me up at 6AM, I'd beg him to go back to sleep.

Of course, I also used to freak out if I was still up at 11PM and now, I think I've gotten to bed early if I'm asleep by then.

Oh, how my life has changed. And I love it.

My wonderful, awesome husband is taking the day off tomorrow to play with Andrew, and I'm going to a little neighborhood spa to get a massage and a pedicure. I have been looking forward to this all week.

I'm going to take a new magazine and turn off my phone and sit and relax for two quiet hours. Ahhhh....

It is now (well) after 11PM so I'm not going to make it to bed early. But that's okay. I practically have the day off tomorrow.

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