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Hello and welcome to the infirmary. We have been sick for over a week. Andrew came down with a cold right after his birthday party, and then I got sick and so did Brian. But luckily Brian was back on his feet pretty quickly.

Andrew has felt just fine and has had all his energy so it's been pretty awful that we've been stuck at home for this long. We've had to skip Gymboree and music class. We didn't even go to church this week because I didn't want to put him in the nursery.

I took him to the doctor on Monday because he had developed a bit of a cough and sure enough he had a little fluid in his ears. He never had a fever so I don't think it was a bad ear infection, but he seems to have turned the corner since we started on an antibiotic, so that's good news.

Now if only I can get well.

In other news...

I gave Andrew these Sandra Boynton board books for his birthday and he's obsessed.

He loves, loves, loves The Going to Bed Book. It's so cute to see him carrying books around the house.

We got a few of these books as baby gifts when Andrew was born, and I'm so thankful for the introduction. They're definitely a favorite around here.

What are some of your favorite baby and toddler books?

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