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Meagan Musing


These Days

I don't have any cute new pictures of Andrew from the last few days, but I want to share a little about what he's been up to lately. It's been a while since I've done that.

-He is so fast! When he wants to get somewhere he is off to the races. I'm surprised at how much ground he can cover at the park. I spend most of our park time just chasing Andrew around.

-He loves to read books. He likes to knock all the books off his nightstand and read them one by one. Okay, he just scans them for pictures of dogs, but it's really cute. He's also started asking me to put him up in the big rocking chair with his books. He wants to sit up high like a big boy!

-He's really tough. He's pretty steady on his feet but a few times a day he'll take a hard fall. He often smacks his head, and he'll cry a little bit, but usually he'll just stand back up, rub his little head and keep going.

-He is understanding so many words! I was trying to get ready on Saturday morning and Andrew kept opening the drawers in my nightstand and pulling everything out. It was driving me crazy, and when I stopped him from opening my hand lotion he threw a fit. So I said "Andrew, why don't you just go play in your room?". And do you know, he stopped crying, looked at me and turned around and walked off to his bedroom.

I was shocked! What else can I get him to do? Stay by my side at the bookstore? Probably not. :)

-He has figured out how to open doors. We've since invested in even more baby proofing supplies. We should have bought stock in Safety 1st.

-He loves ketchup! And Gymboree! And the dog! And playing outside!

-He is the sweetest little guy. He likes to give big hugs and sometimes he'll grab a book and snuggle up in my lap. Brian often reads him his bedtime stories and then I'll come in to nurse him and rock him before he goes to sleep. Andrew gets the biggest smile on his face when I come in at the end of story time.

He'll be 14 months old on Sunday.

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