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Mama Who?

Did I ever show y'all the adorable banner I made for Andrew's birthday?

I am absolutely not crafty at all, but I spent hours measuring, tracing and cutting out those letters and squares.

I was so proud.

I will do just about anything for Andrew - even arts and crafts.

And he has no idea who I am.

Last week my mom (Mimi), my nana (Nana), and my sister (Aunt Kels) were all at our house before we left for a Mavs game. Andrew was eating dinner in his highchair, and we were all standing around the kitchen watching him.

A little background - Andrew has yet to say mama. He says ball, bye, dog and da, but NO mama.

So Mom says, "Andrew, where's Mimi?", and Andrew points right at his mimi. "And where's Aunt Kels?". And he looks right at Kelsey. "Where's your nana?". And he looks at Nana. He knew everyone.

And then Mom says, "Andrew, where's your mama?". And I'm not kidding, he looked side to side and then raised his hands in a shoulder shrug. He smiled like he knew he was funny. What??

He couldn't point me out!!

The last few days when I've asked him where is his mama is he points to himself.

What has gone wrong? I have given him everything. I've nursed him for almost 13 months with no plans to stop. I've never left him for longer than eight hours. I've rocked him to sleep every day. I've read him book after book after book.

And he can't point me out as his mama.

I know he loves me, and he's really attached to me which is a great thing. But, oh my goodness, he has to be able to point me out.

I know he'll learn eventually. And there will be days when I'm tired of hearing him say, "Mama, mama, please mama." But right now, just one little "Ma" would be wonderful.

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