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Have I mentioned that naps have been a little sporadic around here? Andrew has decided that it's time to transition from two naps to one. I'm sure this is a little early, but we're trying to roll with it.

(I really hoped we'd make it to his first birthday.)

He's always been a funny napper, sleeping in 45 minute increments. If he sleeps past the 45 minute mark I know he'll sleep for another 45 minutes. Once or twice he's napped for two and a half hours and that is the absolute longest he's ever napped.

And if he wakes up early, that's it. There's no putting him back to sleep. You might be able to rock him back to sleep but he will not stay asleep when you put him back in his crib.

Well, last weekend Brian figured out how to get Andrew to finish his nap.

Ahhhh....he hadn't slept like that since he was a little tiny newborn.

He'll be one, (ONE!!) in less than two weeks, and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. *Sniff, sniff.* Can you tell?



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