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i heart faces Fix-It Friday

I'm participating in this week's Fix-It Friday at i heart faces again. This little guy's mom said she was having issues with the overexposure in the top left corner and was concerned with the blemishes on his face.

I can totally relate to her skin issues. Andrew almost always has a bruise or a scratch right in the middle of his face.

So, here is the original:

And here is my fix:

I used Photoshop Elements this week, and I'm really happy with my edit. I went through a lot of steps and often undid and started over so I'm not sure exactly what I did, but here's a summary:

-I started with adjusting the photo for skin tone, warming the whole photo
-I used the spot healing tool for the blemishes
-I used a Coffeeshop Action to soften the skin a bit
-I created a little bit of a haze and added a warming layer
-I sharpened using the Unsharp Mask

I'm learning so much participating in these challenges. Let me know what you think!



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