Meagan Musing: Family Fun

Meagan Musing


Family Fun

We got to see lots of family this past weekend.

My Aunt Mary Ann was in town from Austin and she wanted to meet Andrew so we packed up and headed out to Rockwall on Saturday night.

It was so great to visit with her and she's a faithful blog reader so: Hi Mary Ann!

We also celebrated my Nana's (ahem...) 62nd birthday. :) We had yummy white cake and opened presents after a great dinner out.

We were going to hang out in the pool on Sunday but I forgot my suit. Mary Ann and I played a game of Boccie ball during Andrew's nap, but that was it for outside activities.

My cousin Katie and her family came over later in the day.

It was just another open house at mom and dad's!



  • Meagan,
    Can't believe you posted a picture of me! Hopefully, readers will look at Andrew. Thanks again for letting me hang out with Andrew. He is more adorable than I imagined.

    And we have to have a rematch of Boccie ball. Maybe in October.

    By Anonymous smartMary, At August 20, 2009 at 9:58:00 PM CDT  

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