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Fun Day

My Baby Can Read! Okay, not really, but he sure likes books. Especially the ones that make a crunchy noise.

Y'all, I have a baby who doesn't like to stay home. He gets fussy if he's bored and I guess staying at home with me is boring. But he doesn't sleep if we're out and about. He's not one to fall asleep in his stroller or even his car seat, so I worry that he doesn't get enough sleep. But he seems happy most of the time so I'm just going to go with it.

We had a great fun day today. We had a super lunch with Aunt Kelsey and then we headed to the mall after Andrew's afternoon nap. (I use that term loosely. He slept for 15 minutes in my arms and then another 20 in his crib. Does that count?).

I wanted to put him directly in his stroller rather than attaching the car seat so I unstrapped him from the car and sat him down in the stroller. He started screaming the minute I tried to put the straps around his arms. I picked him up and comforted him and tried it again.

He still wasn't having it, and we were in the parking garage so the screams were echoing throughout the whole place. I was afraid people would think I was stealing him or something!

So I strapped him in the Baby Bjorn on my chest (Looking out of course. Facing mama isn't any fun!) instead and pushed the empty stroller. He was happy as a clam!



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