Meagan Musing: Little Sleeper

Meagan Musing


Little Sleeper

I'm totally going to jinx myself here, but Andrew has slept well all week long! Starting Sunday night he has only woken up once to eat and then gone right back to sleep. He's been sleeping from 8:30 to 7:30 (or even 8:00) with the one feeding sometime between 3:30 and 5:00.

This is a sleeping schedule I can completely live with. I haven't slept this well in a really, really long time!

Please pray with me that this lasts! We're going out to Mom and Dad's this weekend, and I'm so afraid the change in routine will mess with the new schedule. I'm just going to be really careful with his naps and bedtime and make sure we stick with what we've been doing at home. And he usually sleeps pretty well in his crib out there so my fingers are crossed. :)

He's also decided that this is the week to try to learn to sit up.

He's not falling over to the side any more! He just collapses forward or backward. He's had a few little spills this week though as he gets more squirmy and doesn't want to sit still in my lap. He's going to have to toughen up in a hurry!



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