Meagan Musing: Family Weekend

Meagan Musing


Family Weekend

We had a great, busy weekend. My mom (Mimi/Nonny/Gram - what will she be called?) came to spend Friday afternoon with Andrew and me. We stayed busy sitting and watching the cute baby. I should have done something productive while I had the help because obviously Andrew was in good hands, but I didn't.

Then Dad (Papa Jack, for sure) came in to town and we all went to dinner with Matt and Kelsey, too. I took my camera to dinner and Brian said I looked like a professional photographer carrying it around. I grabbed it to take my first picture and this is what I got.

I obviously did something very wrong, (I have so much to learn!) and then my battery died. We had a fun dinner even if wasn't documented.

Saturday, Brian and I took Andrew to PD Johnson's for lunch for the first time. He loved it of course! And then Kelsey and I took him to the mall that afternoon. My baby loves shopping and it's going to end up costing me lots of money!

Andrew had his first rice cereal dinner Saturday night, but that really deserves its own post. I'll just say now that it was really messy. Someone wanted to hold the spoon himself.

We went out to Mom and Dad's on Sunday to enjoy the pool since it was back up to 100 degrees again. Kelsey came and picked up Nana, too.

Andrew loved the pool this time. He splashed and laughed and acted like it was just the greatest thing ever. I'm thinking we have a little swimmer on our hands, making his daddy very proud.



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