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Way too many pictures

Our downstairs air conditioner went out last night. It had been leaking coolant and was freezing up so we had to turn it off. Luckily the upstairs a/c was still humming away which helped to keep the rest of the house from getting up to 90 degrees.

The repair man came this afternoon, and it turns out we have to have our coil replaced. Unfortunately coils cost lots and lots of money.

Anyway, Fenway thinks it's really exciting when workmen come to the house. Especially if they have to go upstairs; a stranger on the stairs absolutely freaks him out. So I had to keep him on his leash while the a/c guy was here. Andrew, Fenway and I got to have lots of playtime on the floor this afternoon.

Andrew loved it. He's trying to put everything in his mouth right now, including Fenway. I've been really surprised at how calm the dog is with the baby. You'd think he'd object when Andrew grabs a fist full of fur, but he just kind of ignores it.

Funny Andrew story: I had him up on the counter at Mom and Dad's last weekend sitting in his Bumbo and waiting for his cereal. I turned my back to him for about 15 seconds while I grabbed a paper towel. I turned back around and he had both hands around Brian's giant glass of iced tea. He'd picked it up and was bringing it towards his mouth like he was ready to take a drink.

I couldn't believe it! I so wish I'd grabbed my camera, but I was just worried about him spilling 20 oz. of tea all over the kitchen. But Mom saw it too, so I know it really happened. :)

I'm telling you, he's going to keep me on my toes!

Look how well he's sitting up now!

Sorry for the picture overload, but I just couldn't pare these down. He looks so cute and grown up sitting up (almost) straight!



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