Meagan Musing: Playing in the Evening

Meagan Musing


Playing in the Evening

Andrew's been enjoying his Jumperoo so much that I've been neglecting tummy time. But I don't know how important it is anymore since he rolls around all the time anyway. This morning, while he was supposed to be napping, I watched him scoot and roll and twist around his crib (on the baby monitor) for 30 minutes.


A few random thoughts:

-The Hardline, the afternoon drive show on my favorite sports talk radio station, is finally back from vacation and heading to San Antonio for the start of Cowboys training camp. I'm ready for the new T.O. free season!

-I think Jillian and Ed might actually have a chance together. The fact that he put his job in jeopardy to go back to her says a lot, and really I think she was just looking for someone to adore her and tell her how great she is - he seems to fit the bill. She even liked those green shorts - it's gotta be for real.



  • Dude, Megs who the heck are Jillian and Ed? What is a Baby Bjorn and how do you know what too much Tummy time is? I can't speak Mommy, can you have a translation section or glossary for those of us not yet practicing the art of mommyhood?

    I love you and Andrew so much. Not surprised he's a mover and shaker- PAYBACK darling!

    By Blogger Jessica, At July 31, 2009 at 1:08:00 PM CDT  

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