Meagan Musing: Time to Eat!

Meagan Musing


Time to Eat!

I had planned to wait until Andrew was closer to six months to start him on solids, but our pediatrician gave us the go ahead at four. So I bought some rice cereal at Target a few weeks ago and then I ordered a highchair.

The highchair hadn't arrived yet, but we decided last weekend was time to start anyway. The Bumbo would work as an impromptu highchair for a few days.

Here he is all bibbed up and ready.

He was mostly interested in the spoon.

"Here. Let me try it!"

And then he was all finished.

I think he maybe ate a teaspoon or two total. And he really hasn't gotten much better yet. That first time I mixed it with breast milk, and I've just mixed it with water since. I think he liked the milk cereal much better. We're going to try oatmeal next. Hopefully it's better than rice!

His highchair arrived yesterday and Brian got it all set up for us.

He's such a cutie!



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