Meagan Musing: Ready for Fruit

Meagan Musing


Ready for Fruit

Andrew and I went to the mall today, but we didn't buy a single thing.

The Dallas library has a small branch at NorthPark called Bookmarks. They have lots of programs during the week, and one of them is for babies, Baby Bounce Basics. There were a lot of babies there! We sang songs, read two books and bounced around a bunch. I thought it was a great activity, and it was free!

I'm sure we'll go back.

Back at home I sat the baby down in his Bumbo in the kitchen while I checked email.

There's no chance he can get to that fruit bowl behind him. He's facing the wrong way. It's behind him, and he's stuck in the Bumbo.

I was obviously crazy. This is Andrew, my always busy, always moving baby. He can just reach around and pull the entire bowl right up next to his seat.

"Mmmmm...Fake orange leaves taste awesome!"

" Wait - this is a real plumb! So much better! I've been wanting to start fruit but Mom's holding out on me."

I had to intervene. A pacifier is a much better choice. We have to introduce vegetables before fruit. :)

He likes to chew on the pacifier, too. He can't just leave it alone in his mouth. That would be way too easy.



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