Meagan Musing: Anyone Still Here?

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Anyone Still Here?

Well, it looks like March was the month I ended up taking a bit of a blogging break. I've had some stuff on my mind that took up a lot of my thoughts. And blogging's a rather thought-heavy activity so the old blog suffered a bit. For that I apologize. I will try to be more reliantly entertaining going forward.

Speaking of entertaining, my parents have a new dog. He's a 10-12 month old Shih Tzu. He kept wondering up to their yard at the house in Rockwall. Dad spends a lot of time outside working on the house so he kept running into the little guy. They've spent a few days together on and off over the last three weeks. The dog didn't have a collar or tags, and they kept feeding him a bit here and there so last Wednesday Mom and Dad decided to adopt him for real.

Mom took him to the vet at PetSmart on Friday and found out he had a micro chip. Oh no! She cried and cried at the store. She was already totally attached. The vet was very sad for her, but there wasn't much he could do. Wrigley had another home, and his real name was Charlie. So he sent him home with Mom, and told her he'd give her number to the original owner.

Brian and I went out to spend Friday night with Mom and Dad to meet Wrigley and see Nana since she'd just come home from the hospital after her neck surgery. All the micro chip drama went down that evening as we were heading to Rockwall with Fenway ready to meet his new dog cousin.

What to do? Wrigley's first owner called and left a message saying that he'd heard we had Charlie, but that was it. No, "oh my goodness! you found my dog! I'm so grateful! I'll be right there!" which would have totally been my reaction had we lost Fenway.

So we debated: call and tell him we love his dog and want to keep him and give him a good home and hope he's okay with that, or tell the owner the dog ran away again and keep him secretly hidden away?

Mom and Dad decided to take Wrigley to Tulsa with them since they were planning to go on Sunday anyway, and call the owner from there. She figured she'd do better if there was some distance between them, and he couldn't run over and take Wrigley away in five minutes.

Well, it all worked out. The guy called this morning, and he had really been hoping Charlie/Wrigley would find a loving home with people who wanted him. Of course they totally fit that bill. Yay! Mom thinks he's just a little gift from God.

He's the cutest little guy. I swear he's half cat. Fenway kept chasing him all over the house on Saturday, and he'd just fly up on the back of the couch where Fenway couldn't catch him for anything in the world. Mom took a few pictures of them together that I'll post if she can send them to me.

Mom's so excited. She's going back to PetSmart today so she can finally get all the dog stuff they need that she was planning to get before she found out she might not get to keep him. He really needs a good bath and a haircut so they'll get that taken care of. And the original owner is going to come bring all his papers and records over this week. I really wonder what kind of person just turns their dog out if they don't want him anymore. Couldn't you take him to a shelter instead of just hoping nice people took him in? He was on his own for days, poor guy.

But thank goodness it all worked out. Now I just need to work on Fenway. He wasn't so sure about this new little dog in his grandparents' house. They played and played, but it got a little rough at times. Any of my dog loving readers have any tips on getting them to be friends?

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