Meagan Musing: How Fenway Celebrated St. Paddy's Day

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How Fenway Celebrated St. Paddy's Day

It was rainy and gray in Dallas today. This made me all the more appreciative of our beautiful, sunny 75 degree day last Saturday. Saturday was Dallas' annual Greenville Ave. St. Patrick's Day parade and block party. We live down in the Greenville Ave. area which means we had a perfect excuse to sit in our front yards, hang out with friends, drink a few beers and people watch.

There were something like 85,000 people in our neighborhood Saturday and it seems like the majority of them walked by Matt and Kelsey's house. We started the day with the Dash Down Greenville 5K, grabbed Fenway and walked to a few parties before we settled in at Matt and Kelsey's to celebrate all that is St. Patrick's Day in Dallas.

Fenway loved getting to spend the day with everyone out in the front yard. He was the hit of the party. We took him to the groomer on Sunday. He desperately needed a bath and a haircut. We'd been putting it off because the last time we took him to the groomer he bit the lady (No blood was shed, thank goodness.) while she was trying to cut his face hair. He has some personal space issues that we're working on.

The nice people at PetSmart frown on this behavior, so I was afraid they would look up his file and tell me he couldn't come back. But, lo and behold, they let him right in. And they didn't even ask me to sedate him beforehand or anything. He did so well! The groomer thought he was a model client. I was so proud!

We have a busy week with the Mavs playing the Celtics on Thursday and Brian's family coming into town for Easter weekend. It's a good thing to dog is company ready, because I still have a lot of work to do!

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