Meagan Musing: March, Really?

Meagan Musing


March, Really?

Wow, y'all, it's been a long time!

My nana fell and broke a vertebrae in her neck again(!) last week. (Yes, that's right, she did it in 2006, too. But that time she broke bones in her face as well as in her neck. She looks much better this time.) She's doing amazingly well now, praise the Lord!

She had to have surgery last Thursday to put a giant screw into her vertebrae to hold it together. Even her surgeon was impressed with how well she did. She's a superstar! So is my mom who has been at the hospital in Tyler with her everyday since the fall. Nana is very lucky to have such a wonderful daughter.

Moving on to a lighter topic: it snowed in Dallas on Tuesday. I had just gotten a pedicure over the weekend in anticipation of Spring since it was 80 degrees on Saturday. But my pretty toes were quickly hidden away with the freezing temperatures. That's actually one of the things I like most about Dallas. Just when you think our bit of Winter is gone, it comes right back.

Because we're crazy, Brian and I are planning to run in an 18 mile relay race with Matt and Kelsey this weekend. I thought it would be nice and warm, but I'm afraid we're going to have to run in 40 degree temps, and I'm just not so sure how I feel about that. I'll keep you posted on whether we go through with it or not.



  • It was cold but it was awesome! We have to do that again, it was fun!!! I was proud you ran and I loved getting the hand-off from you to start my leg of the race.

    By Anonymous Brian, At May 24, 2008 at 1:00:00 AM CDT  

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