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What Could Have Been

Last night we decided that what we needed was some bowling. There's a semi-new 300 in Addison, so we picked up Matt and Kelsey and headed north. But everyone knows you can't bowl well until you've had some Mexican food and a margarita so we stopped at Cantina Laredo on the way to the lanes.

Dinner was festive with the mariachi band in the background and other people's birthdays all around. When we were sufficiently full of chips and salsa, we continued on to the bowling alley. The place was packed! We had to wait for a parking space before we could head in to the see the fancy lit lanes in all their glory.

I guess lots of people think that the best way to spend a Saturday night is in a smoke-free, martini serving bowling establishment because when we finally made it to the front of the check-in line they informed us that the wait would be THREE HOURS! It was already almost 9:00 so we wouldn't have been able to throw our first gutter ball until midnight. We're all for adventure, but that was just too late for us.

The nice man did let us know that if we wanted to bowl without the wait that it's usually pretty empty at 2:00 in the afternoon on the weekdays. So the next time we have a free workday we know where we'll be!

We had to admit defeat and drive back to Dallas. But Kelsey had the brilliant idea to go home and watch the Tivo'd Miss America pageant. The boys weren't all that excited about the pageant (They did come in to watch the bathing suit portion.) but managed to suffer through a few hours of Guitar Hero, our new favorite past time.

I was really looking forward to bowling. It's been years since I last donned a bowling shoe. I'm thinking we'll have to have Brian's birthday get-together at 300 since they'll take reservations if you throw a party. I just know that's what Brian wants to do for his 28th birthday! :)

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