Meagan Musing: Free Time and Loss

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Free Time and Loss

You'll be happy to know I'm making great progress on my puzzle. I think I should finish this weekend if I can find a few hours of uninterrupted puzzle time.

There's no football this weekend which should make it easier for me to find those few hours. We've had a football game to watch every weekend since August, but not this one. I'll be a little sad, and then I'll watch some basketball, baseball, golf and tennis to get though the long football-less spring and summer.

My family loves football. So much so that my mom actually watched the Pilgram's Pride Bowl Classic game between Georgia Military and Navarro College. And, yes, it was on TV. Who knew?

I was so sad to hear about Heath Ledger yesterday. An email popped into my inbox with BREAKING NEWS and there it was: Actor Heath Ledger found dead in his New York apartment.

It hit me hard, probably because I wasn't expecting it. When I hear that an old actor with years and experiences under his belt has died I think, "Oh, that's sad for his family" and move on. Not really giving it much thought. But Heath was young; He was my age. He had a two year old daughter who won't get to grow up knowing and loving her dad. His death just seems so tragic and wrong, and avoidable.

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  • Heath's death was TERRIBLY sad.
    No one in my family - no one at all! - likes sports of any kind. Not just in my household but in my whole extended family. What is WRONG with us?

    By Blogger Beck, At January 24, 2008 at 5:47:00 AM CST  

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