Meagan Musing: Christmas 2007

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Christmas 2007

We had such a fun Christmas in Texas! My friend Jess was in town from D.C. to visit her in laws, and we got to catch up quickly on Friday afternoon before we left town. It was so great to see her! We don't get to spend nearly enough time together now that she's in D.C.

Brian and I loaded up the car and headed to Rockwall Friday night to celebrate Dad's birthday, but we also had to be ready for Christmas with both my family and Brian's. We had one FULL CAR! Brian couldn't see out the back window, and Fenway had to sit on my lap even though he's way too big to do that comfortably now.

We had a nice birthday dinner at our favorite steak place, we played Dad's new game Urban Myth, and stayed up way too late wrapping presents and talking. Ha! Surprise, surprise.

We had a fun bunch for lunch on Saturday with our regular seven, (that's our immediate fam + Nana) Uncle Bill and Jessica, Katie and her two boys, Uncle Mike, his daughter Melissa and her two-year old Preston. Jack and Nate were adorable with the Christmas presents. They ran straight to the tree to look for the ones with their names on them. They were so good and patient to wait until after lunch to open presents. It was so hard on them!

Saturday night we donned our new matching pajamas (for the boys, too!) and read the Christmas story. We woke up early Sunday to open presents before we all went our separate ways. Matt & Kels were heading back to Dallas and then on to Tulsa to spend Christmas with Matt's parents, and Brian and I were off to Houston to see his family.

We had a great time in Houston and even squeezed in a movie. We went to see I am Legend, which I do not recommend if you're looking forward to relaxing in the movies. Stressful! And guess what?? Janet taught me to make bows with ribbon!! Y'all, I have never been able to do this before, and I was just thrilled. Who new I had a bow-making talent?

On Christmas Eve we opened all our presents from one another after church and Brian made wassail which was an adventure in its own right. I thought it was way too sweet, but Brian was excited and had been talking about it for two weeks so I was happy he got to test his recipe.

We opened stockings on Christmas morning. Janet had a stocking made for Fenway with little dog bones and his name embroidered on it. It was so cute!! We had tasty Cornish hens for lunch and then it was time to pack up the car, AGAIN, and hit the road for home.

It was a wonderful Christmas with family! We had good food and good times and great presents, too!

*I wrote this email days ago, but was just now able to post. Sorry for the delay!



  • I never thought a car could be so full! I thought I was going to have to stick my head out of the window to drive!

    The only thing I love more than Christmas is you babe.

    By Anonymous Brian, At January 21, 2008 at 1:05:00 AM CST  

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