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Christmas Tour!

I went to work on the house the day we got home from Thanksgiving in Rockwall. We ordered a new artificial tree this year, and I couldn't wait to get it up and decorated!

Brian and I made the trek to Lowe's after church last week to pick up a lighted garland, and our friends from Merrill Lynch were nice enough to send us a real wreath so the front entry of our house is decorated, too! This is the first time we've put up outside lights and it makes me feel very festive. We're planning on lighting up the tree in the front yard this weekend. Brian wants to wrap white lights around the trunk to give us that fancy, professionally done look so we'll see how that turns out.

I love decorating for Christmas! There's usually football or basketball on TV in the background. If there aren't any good games on, I'll turn on some Christmas music. I like to clean the house first because who wants to bring down a bunch of boxes and get new stuff out when you have a sink full of dirty dishes? I really like for it to be cold outside, but that rarely happens around here. It was 81 degrees last Sunday when we were out buying our lights. So since I enjoy putting all my stuff out so much and most of you won't get to see it, I thought I'd give you a tour!

Here's a Christmas home tour taken from the safety of your study (or office if you blog at work):


Brian worked hard to get the garland up there. The new power tool I bought him for our Anniversary is coming in handy a lot these days.

This is the beautiful new Lynn Haney Santa Mom gave me as an early birthday present so I'd have him for Christmas. He's sitting on the front chest in the entry so you can see him as soon as you walk in the door. He's also in front of a mirror which is why he looks a little two-sided on his left. He has the most detailed coat; he makes me smile every time I walk by!

Come on in to the den to see my pretty new tree!

Don't look too closely. There are a few unwrapped presents under the tree. I thought about moving them out of the way, but I decided I could trust you all not to zoom in on the picture! :) The bow on top is from the tree in my first apartment after I graduated. Mom made it for me and it still looks pretty good even on its fifth Christmas. But it might be time for something new next year.

This is our mantle that I'm not too thrilled about. There's a beautiful Santa thanks to Mom, again, but I need something tall and pretty to add in with the garland. I was thinking candlesticks, but our mantle is so narrow that's it tricky to put much up there. Any ideas?

And here's Fenway P. Sk@rbek with my pretty Santa on the hearth. I was afraid he'd want to chew on all my Christmas decorations, but he seems cool with them. He just sniffs them and then leaves to bother/play with Brian.

So that's our Christmas house in a blog (as apposed to a nutshell). I hope you enjoyed the tour. And I hope you are enjoying your Christmas decorations just as much as I am mine!



  • Your house looks positively beautiful! The front door looks especially awesome and the Santas are beyond lovely. Truly, it all looks great. Way to decorate, Megs (and Brian). We don't have our tree up yet but your pictures have inspired me.

    By Anonymous Mom, At December 5, 2007 at 9:18:00 PM CST  

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