Meagan Musing: Wonderful Weekend

Meagan Musing


Wonderful Weekend

What a beautiful Sunday! The sun was shining for the first time in a week, but it only warmed up to the 50s. Sunny, cool days are my favorite after a week of clouds and gray skies. We watched football with the windows open while Fenway ran around the backyard chasing birds and squirrels.

The Patriots won their game, the Cowboys played horribly, and I won my fantasy game! We're in the playoffs in our fantasy league now, and I think this win may have secured my spot in the final championship game! Not bad for a first-timer. I was sad about the Cowboys, but they still won their division and will get a first round bye in the playoffs, so I'm okay with them taking another loss.

I made cookies today - from scratch! Seriously, I used flour and a mixer and everything. I was so proud. I'm planning to give them to my co-workers for Christmas this week. I hope they enjoy them after I put so much work in to making a cookie masterpiece.

As we head in to the last full week before Christmas, there are still a few presents left to buy, but I'm in pretty good shape with my shopping. If I can just get everything wrapped this week I'll be ready for the celebrations to begin. We have Christmas cards to send out, but I haven't addressed them yet. They're pre-printed so all I have to do is sit down and write the addresses on the envelops and stick a stamp on them. It couldn't be that hard, but I haven't done it yet. It, too, is on my list this week. It's a pretty long list which makes me realise* it's my bed time. I've got to rest up for the busy week ahead!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend just as much as I did mine!

Edited to Add:
*Ha, ha! I just noticed I spelled realize with the British spelling. I've been reading Rebecca and Harry Potter. It's my only excuse!


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