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Friday Randomness

Did you see Jenna Bush on Ellen's show this week? I just saw the clip on the Today show, but it was so cute! They seem like a pretty normal family all things considered.

I found United States Tetris online. Too fun!

Tonight is Brian's work Christmas party. It might just be the most random gathering of any people in Dallas at any given time. It begins at 4PM so that the shift workers from the 'fab' can come to the party and still be back at work by the time their shift starts at 6PM. The first year we went I assumed that it was an adult party because we'd already done the kid-themed Fall/Halloween party in October. But no. Santa is there to take pictures with all the kids, and he even passes out presents. Every kid gets a gift appropriate for their age and gender, and then they play with them all over the floor in the ballroom while the adults try to eat dinner at 5PM.

The people who arrive before 5PM usually wear jeans and Christmas sweaters. If you get there between 5PM and 7PM it is safe to assume you can wear slacks and a Christmas sweater. But watch out. The people who arrive after 7PM will most likely be wearing ball gowns and tuxes. So these fancy, dressed-up people are trying to make their way through a giant room filled with hundreds of people in jeans and Christmas sweaters attempting to round up their five kids and gifts so they can get home by bedtime.

I'm telling you, it's weird! Brian and I are somewhere in the middle of all these people. We don't wear Christmas sweaters, jeans, ball gowns or tuxes and we don't have any children to chase around. We just try to see all the right people, make a little small talk, use all our free drink coupons and head out. We always end up having fun though, and I get to leave work early today. So it's not all that bad.

Happy Friday everyone!



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