Meagan Musing: Monday Morning Adventures

Meagan Musing


Monday Morning Adventures

I woke up to Fenway barking at 6:45 this morning. This is the dog who doesn't like to wake before 8:30. And Mondays are usually his slowest mornings because he's spent the weekend with us and is worn out from all the attention. But he was wide awake this morning.

I jumped out of bed (I know I should have already been up and at the gym, but y'all, it's cold outside and rainy!) and ran downstairs to check on him. I knew we had a problem before I even saw him.

Poor Fenway seemed to have had a bout of diarrhea (how happy am I that I had to look up how to spell that!) in the night. Since he was in his crate there was no where for him to go to avoid it; It was all over him and his little squishy cushions, poor guy. I plopped him out in the backyard thinking maybe he'd need to go again, but he just tried to clean himself. was bath time. I thought of taking pictures of the nastiness so I could share with you all, but decided that might just be too cruel.

Brian usually does the baths and I hand over the cup or towel and keep Fenway entertained while Brian blow dries him. I know now it's really hard to bathe and dry a dog all on your own! And I don't think he much liked it either, although he seemed really happy to be clean. After everything was clean and the dog seemed to be OK, I also took a really long shower! So now I'm about to head home to check on him, and I'm just praying that his stomach is feeling better and hasn't caused any more problems today since we've been at work and unable to help him.

As I was cleaning up all the poop I was amazed at how little it grossed me out. I'm telling you, this dog owner business is great training for future children! From what I understand they poop a lot too! :)


  • I may give Fenway Imodium when he comes here to stay with us over New Year's weekend. I never was very good with poop or vomit. Your dad always had to help.

    By Anonymous Mom, At December 10, 2007 at 8:58:00 PM CST  

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