Meagan Musing: Baby It's Cold Outside!

Meagan Musing


Baby It's Cold Outside!

We made it to Colorado! Our friends had a wedding in Colorado Springs last night and then we headed to Keystone this morning. Y'all it is so coooold. This is hard on a Texas girl! We turned West into the mountains today and the wind started to pick up. It was snowing and often we couldn't really see in front of us. I was a little worried, but Brian kept his cool and we got right in to town with out any major problems. We did see lots of wrecks on the way though.

Brian hopped right on the slopes and I chilled (literally) in our room finishing my book. We're heading out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and we're walking!! It's still 10 degrees so I figure it could be worse, probably on the way back to the hotel after dinner! :)

It is so absolutely beautiful here! It's just wonderful. We brought our camera cord so I'll try to download some pictures for y'all tomorrow.



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