Meagan Musing: Weekend Recap

Meagan Musing


Weekend Recap

We had a great time last weekend!
  • Brian and I enjoyed a completely spontaneous, yummy and romantic dinner at Terilli's on Friday night complete with a pounding rain and thunderstorm. And we had their incredible coffee (mine with Frangelico!) to finish off the meal.
  • Saturday morning started very early with Mom and Dad arriving at our house at 8:30AM with two huge suitcases. They were spending one night at the Fairmont downtown. But Dad was there to install our new bug spray systems with Matt and Brian. Yeah! I am so excited - we should have a mosquito free summer in our backyard! The boys worked hard all day while Mom, Kelsey and I took a class at SMU: Interior Design Workshop: From Basics to Beautiful. It was taught by Gerald Tomlin and was very interesting. I think we learned a thing or two. That night M&K and Brian and I watched the basketball games, played poker, ate dinner at Matt's Ranchero and sat by the fire. It was fun-filled day! We also managed to book our May trip to Vegas on Saturday, too!
  • Went to church on Sunday and met Matt & Kelsey at Ozona's for brunch as planned. It was the most beautiful day we've had in Dallas in months! We waited for 45 minutes for a table outside, but it was soooo worth it! After brunch we decided it was too pretty to run errands or sit inside and watch the Mavs play. So Matt & Kelsey opened the doors on their patio so we could watch the game and sit outside at the same time. (They're so ingenious)! We played a few games of washers, had a few beers and enjoyed the weather. Fenway got to come play, too, and was very excited to get to explore a new backyard. By Sunday night he was absolutely filthy! Our little white dog was closer to brown than white. Brian and I ended the day with Little Miss Sunshine - very cute movie! So we didn't do anything overly productive on Sunday, but it was a great day! Of course I had to go to the grocery store on Monday after work, but it was worth it. Thanks for a fun weekend everyone! And thanks again, Dad, for the awesome bug system! We're going to enjoy our yard and patio much more this summer without the bugs!

    Kelsey and I after we'd been in the sun for a while. We were hot, but didn't get much sun.

    So Fenway doesn't look very brown here, but isn't he cute?? I promise, he was really dirty!


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