Meagan Musing: It's almost Spring!

Meagan Musing


It's almost Spring!

Spring comes pretty early here in Dallas. The first of March comes around and we're ready for sunshine and 70's! It makes me really, really grateful I don't live in Chicago or some really cold place in the North East. I love winter, but I'm happy with just two months of it. get us started for the warmer weather we planted pansies this weekend! I have no idea if this was the right time to plant pansies or not, but I think they should stick around until it starts to get hot - maybe through May? I think the last time I planted flowers was when I was in High School so I was a little rusty, but Brian was a great help and our yard looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Brian put down all new mulch, too, which made a huge difference. Thanks for all your hard work this weekend!
Fenway loved the sunny weather, too. We've learned that we have to get him lots of exercise to keep him from being really unhappy when we put him in his crate. I've been walking him a few days a week and Brian's very good about running around the backyard with him. Dogs grow so fast so it's great fun to watch his progress. He's learned to bark, which will probably be a real pain, but for now it's kind of endearing. We're such adoring parents! :)
Our friends Angela and Alan came over to sit by the fire with us Saturday night after the (awesome!!) Mavs game. Fenway stayed outside and sat in our laps the whole time. And thankfully he didn't try to jump in the fireplace!
It was a fun weekend and we got a lot done - my favorite kind! So now we're just going to enjoy the pretty 70 degree weather we're supposed to have all week. And not think about what it's like in July and August! :)

Now that I have a reader or two....'till next time. Feel free to post a comment!



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