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Just Ramblings

  • It has turned in to my March Madness instead of Brian's. My bracket has earned 104 points! Woo Hoo! I correctly picked all FOUR teams in the Final Four. I couldn't believe it! I'm leading Brian's work bracket and our family bracket. I would like to point out that Brian is doing very well, too. He has 101 points and is in the top five in the work bracket and is second in our family bracket so he is still having a good year even though I'm beating him!! :)

  • The rain FINALLY came yesterday! It had been cloudy and muggy here for the last week with the exception of Saturday, (which was weird since the weather guys said it was going to thunderstorm all day Saturday!) and I was so tired of that weather. I just wanted it to rain and move on. Well, yesterday was the day.

  • It's funny having a dog when it's raining. Fenway doesn't like to go out in the rain, but when you gotta go, you gotta go. He finally gave up and ran out to stand in the rain to potty. He kept shaking his head to get the rain out of his face. And then of course, we had a wet dog who wanted to come back inside! I tried wiping off his little feet but that didn't work very well because he just kept trying to eat the towel. I gave up and we had a wet dog run around our house last night. Brian thinks this having a dog thing has really mellowed me out and I might have to agree! At least he's a small dog and doesn't make much of a mess!

  • I said I was going to post new pictures, but we went off and left our camera in Rockwall on Saturday. It was hiding under a pile of catalogs and we missed picking it up. I could ask Mom to download some of the pictures and email them to me, but I don't think that would work very well. So I should get it back on Saturday. I have lots of new pictures of Fenway, and they will go up on the blog - I promise!

  • American Idol is on tonight. Please, oh please make Hula Boy, Sanjaya, go home this week! Yes, he's fun to laugh at, but I'm afraid Brian won't watch with me anymore if he's still around much longer.

  • I'm going to bed early tonight, I'm going to bed early tonight, I'm going to bed early tonight.....anyone know how to make your body function correctly on five hours of sleep??



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