Meagan Musing: I'm back!

Meagan Musing


I'm back!

It was a long ten days at work with NO INTERNET! Can you imagine trying to do business without emails? Without the ability to Google a new customer? Or to do such basic things as fill out your March Madness bracket??? That was my life from March 6 to March 16. Ten whole days!! Damn AT&T DSL - if you are considering switching your Internet to "The New AT&T" I highly recommend that you do not, unless you enjoy having your service cancelled without notice. I'm writing a complaint letter and hope to get at least a few months of free service, but it's still not worth it.

Moving on....I was able to fill out that bracket at home, and I correctly picked 10 of the Sweet 16. I think it's the worst I've done in 4 years of brackets. Who would have thought there would be no major upsets? So now I'm just cheering for A&M - go Aggies! I watched hours and hours of basketball this weekend. We went to the Celtics v. Mavs game on Friday night, I watched at least seven hours of the NCAA tourney on Saturday and Sunday and watched the Mavs beat Detroit on Sunday afternoon. It was so fun! We had planned on running in the Dash Down Greenville run for St. Patty's Day on Saturday, but poor Brian had food poising and wasn't running anywhere but to the bathroom. So Saturday was kind of a bust, but it was nice to just relax and watch ALL that basketball!

An update on our pup: Fenway is now 12 weeks old. He has fully learned to bark and thinks it's his job to remind us, by using that skill, that he's still in the kitchen if we are not right there with him. I'm hoping he'll soon realize that even if we're in the den watching TV we'll be right back. We haven't gone to Siberia without him! Maybe he just does it because he loves us so much, but it's getting kind of old. But he's just so cute and adorable it's very hard to stay annoyed with him for very long. I keep saying I'm going to get some pictures and I will. That's on my to-do list this week.

It's warm outside - when are we going to go sailing???



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