Meagan Musing: Brian's March Madness

Meagan Musing


Brian's March Madness

So Brian sent out the funniest email for our family March Madness bracket update. An excerpt:

“What’s the score, what’s the score…?”

I’ll tell you in a minute but first I have to hand out some awards. I know what you’re saying, “…But Brian, the competition is not even over yet.” You're right, it’s not over yet (for some of us), but here are the first awards of our little Tourney of Champions.

The first award is the “What is a Computer?” Award…also known as the “Stuck in the Seventies” Award. This one goes to Lisa who faxed her bracket to Kelsey. Lisa, there was this guy named Bill Gates… Winners of this award are known to kill many trees. Kels, Thanks for entering it in Excel for me!

The second award is the “I know what Excel is but what’s a formula?” Award…also known as the “I like to make things difficult” Award. This one goes to Captain Morgan who thought that it would be easier to type in all the teams in the spreadsheet instead of using the handy dandy dropdown boxes. The idea behind the dropdown boxes is to make filling out the bracket easier for you, and to calculate the points by using formulas! I’ll send instructions next time.

Matt and Kelsey share the “Video Professor” Award. Matt and Kelsey obviously ordered the Video Professor’s CD’s from the infomercial and have mastered Excel and Email! Winners of this award are known to cohabitate and have internet access.

The next award is the “I am working in the Dark Ages” Award, also known as the “SBC Sucks!” Award. This goes to my beautiful wife Meagan, who had to fill out her bracket by hand and delegate the “computer business” to her loving hubby. Meagan, I’ll print out a copy of the score for you and stick it in your lunch pale.

The last award goes to yours truly. That’s right, me! I am the proud winner of the “I think I’m a Comedian” Award. Winners of this award are known to have won other awards such as the “Tax procrastinator” Award and the “Nocturnal” Award.

Don't I just have the funniest husband? And because I'm sure you're all wondering what the score is after two rounds, here is Brian again:

Tied for 1st with 48 points each, Meagan and Brian (What fix?)
Tied for 2nd with 46 points each, The Captain, The Kelsenator, and Chewy
In 3rd with 39 points is Lovely Lisa.
Dead last with zero points is Fenway who ate his Bracket.

Poor Fenway....he'll just eat anything!

Brian, thanks for all your work to score our brackets. You're an awesome Bracketmaster!! Go Aggies - here's hoping for a great Sweet Sixteen round this weekend!


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