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Sports Nut

We're having a Super Bowl party this year. We have our new awesome TV so it just seemed right that we should finally host a TV watching party. As of today, 13 people are coming. Janet gave us her old folding chairs so we should have room for everyone to sit down. I was a little worried about this at first. So, thanks Janet! Kelsey are I were talking about my menu. Here's what I have planned so far:
  • Kels is going to make baby hamburgers - I'm really excited about these!
  • Pork tenderloin for sandwiches
  • Brian's now-famous guacamole
  • Pita chips and hummus
  • Veggies and dips

I'm still working on the rest. I'm thinking of nachos or quesadillas or some sort of Mexican snack. It should be a fun party! And I'm not really interested in the Bears or the Colts so I just really hope it's a good game and not a defensive push or a great blowout. Go Football!

The Super Bowl always makes me a little sad though, because now I know we don't have any more football until August - that's 7 months! It is just a long football-less summer. At least I have my Mavs to keep me happy!

Speaking of basketball, we had a great game last night! Austin Croshere had a career night with 34 points. He was on fire, and I was very happy for him. He got a standing ovation when he made his last bucket to hit 34. We won the game and Brian had a reason to do his "Crow" dance!



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