Meagan Musing: My 27th Birthday!

Meagan Musing


My 27th Birthday!

I was a little delayed in posting about my birthday on the 3rd, so I'll try to remember the details. I got to spend the day visiting Uncle Bill in Tyler! I picked Mom up in Rockwall and we headed to Tyler. We were able to see him for two visits and it was really special. He was doing so much better than I though he would be. He was able to talk/whisper over his vent and it was great to finally see him awake and semi-coherent. I could tell he wasn't in as much pain as he had been in, and he was thrilled to see Mom and me. He wished me a Happy Birthday! And the good Bill news is that he now out of ICU and is in rehab! They think he should get to go home next week! I can't wait to see him again now that's doing so much better.

We also picked up Jack for the week! He spent the week in Rockwall with Mom and Dad, but he got to join in my birthday celebration first. They came in to Dallas and we had a great dinner at Cantina Laredo - one of my all-time favorites! Jack was very well behaved and I think he had fun with our fam. Mom gave me a tape dispenser :) and two chairs for our den! I was so excited about the chairs (and the tape!). Brian gave me a beautiful bracelet and earrings. It was way more than I expected since he went all out for Christmas. Matt & Kelsey put my name on the list for the next Harry Potter book! They also had beautiful little cheesecakes for me! I felt very special and loved on my 27th. Thanks everyone for making it a special day! :)


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