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Family Music Favorites

The TV used to be on in our house all the time. I didn't like for it to be too quiet around here so the background noise was nice.

Then we had Andrew and our house was never quiet again. Ha!

So while we leave the TV off most of the day now, we do listen to music all the time. Everyone loves a good dance party and the right music can completely transform our day. It can help us burn off energy or right a bad attitude.

Gloomy gray cold morning? How about a little Mumford & Sons to get us going?

Crazy evening trying to get dinner on the table? Let's sit down to Jewel's Sammy the Spider.

I'm a little weird and don't really mind kids music, but I like to mix in some grown up stuff too. Luckily Andrew's still young enough to miss most of the nuanced lyrics so as long as there's no swearing or explicit stuff it's not really off limits yet.

And he loves Coconut Records' Nighttiming so much. He does a jig every time Babel comes on and we all love Jewel's soft voice singing Comin' 'Round the Mountain.

Baby Beluga has been a favorite of ours since Andrew's toddler music class. We used to sing the whole song - from memory - every night before bed. And while we don't do that anymore thank goodness, he still picks it out almost every time we ask him to play DJ. You can't go wrong with any Raffi music in my opinion.

Seeing the affect a good song can have on my kids has been so fun for me. A little family dance party is good for the soul. :)

What is your favorite music to share with your kiddos?

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