Meagan Musing: Eighteen Months

Meagan Musing


Eighteen Months

My sweet Caroline turned 18 months old last Friday.

She's pretty pumped about it all.

Actually, this photo sums her up really well.

Caroline is funny, spunky, busy, smart, silly, daring and loving.

At 18 months her list of loves includes climbing up her high chair and standing in it, insisting that she not wear pants unless she's put them on even though she can't really get them on right, eating fruit, nuts and cheese, sleeping with two loveys or "wa-was", making Andrew laugh and saying "no" a million times a day.

She can tell you what sounds a dog, sheep, duck and dinosaur make and she loves to point out your eyes and nose and ears.

She weighs 23 pounds and she's 31 3/4 inches long.

She begs to wear a bow every morning and then keeps it in hair for about 5 minutes before she rips it out and plays with it.


She still wakes up to nurse most nights, and I think I might lose my mind about it soon. For the longest time I was able to go right back to sleep but lately my mind wakes up, and I can't go back to sleep and I'm up for an hour and that's just not going to work. So I need to do something about it. ::sigh:: We'll see.

She likes to read books and she loves Elmo, but she calls him Melmo which is adorable. She has fabulous dance moves, throwing her hands up in the air and party rockin'. She does it anytime she hears music whether it's in the car, on a TV commercial or we're having a dance party at home.

Caroline is on a pretty good schedule. She wakes up about 7:30, naps around noon - 2PM, and is in bed by 7:30. She loves to eat meals, but also snacks a ton throughout the day.

She's already telling me when her diaper is wet or dirty which is amazing to me. Andrew didn't do that 'till way closer to his second birthday, but there's no way I'm even thinking of potty training her for a long, long time.

In my mind she's still a baby, but she's really not. I'm pretty sure I thought Andrew was really big at 18 months. It is so funny to think about him so little now.

It blows my mind that she'll be two later this year.

She might be the little sister, but she has a big, big personality.

And we love her to the moon and back.

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