Meagan Musing: Ultimate Weekend Recap

Meagan Musing


Ultimate Weekend Recap

This weekend's theme was most definitely My Favorite Things with My Favorite People.

We had a babysitter Friday night so we ran up to the hospital for a bit to love on Anna Kate.

Oh man...she's tiny! You'd think as a mother myself that I'd remember how mini brand new babies are, but I forget every time.

After some quality baby snuggles Brian and I had a fabulous dinner out. We wanted to try someplace new and picked a southern restaurant close to our house. We got there at 9PM and thought we'd maybe have to wait for 10 minutes, but they said it would be an hour.

Sigh...we're too old to eat dinner at 10PM.

But the host took pity on us and found a cancellation and we got to sit right down to a delicious dinner.

Andrew's swimming lesson show was Saturday morning so we all headed out to the pool. Brian takes him to his lessons on Saturday mornings now, so I hadn't seen his progress. He can do the backstroke! Color me impressed. He's swimming half-way across the pool now. I really think swimming may be his sport, just like his daddy.

We had a crazy family taco lunch date after swimming, and I got to work on some house projects while Caroline napped and Brian and Andrew went to the park, Home Depot and Central Market.

We grilled chicken outside, my mom and dad dropped by, we listened to fun music. Saturday was good.

Today was full of pancakes and eggs, double stroller rides, laundry and solo grocery shopping.

See? Really, all my favorite things crammed into one weekend.

Brian has been finished with school for about six weeks now. Lots of those six weeks were occupied by Christmas preparations and celebrations and Andrew sickness.

So this weekend felt like a preview of what life will be like for us post-MBA school.

And I'm pretty excited about what's in store for our little family.

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