Meagan Musing: Snow Day

Meagan Musing


Snow Day

So my sister had her baby girl today!

She's as pretty as can be, and her name is Anna Kate. Our whole family is in love. Also? She was 6 lbs 7 oz, which is exactly what Caroline weighed at birth. And our boys' birth weights were within an ounce of each other. How crazy is that??

I have about 500 photos to go through from today, but before I get to that I want to share these photos of my kiddos in the snow on Tuesday, which seems like it was ages ago already!

We woke up to snow on Tuesday morning! It's a pretty rare treat around here and Andrew wanted to play in it right away. But it was his first day back to preschool from Christmas break so we had to get our snow time in fast.

Caroline has no boots, poor sad southern girl. So I wouldn't let her run out in to the snow which was exactly what she wanted to do of course.


He's into buttoning his own coat these days and I'll never tell that he's off one here. :)

She looks so dainty and girly here, which she's not.

See? "I'll eat that snow!"

Brian made us a tiny snowman.

Wrong shoes. :(

I have no idea when we'll see snow again, but it's been so nice to have a bit of a real winter this year. Although, we're totally going to the park tomorrow to enjoy the the 60 degrees and sunny day we're supposed to have.


Check back soon for baby photos. I have lots to share from today, and Kelsey has asked me to take newborn photos for her. I have a few new hats and a blanket that I'm super excited about. I'll try not to overload y'all too much. :)

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