Meagan Musing: Ten on Ten - January

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Ten on Ten - January

I took a little ten on ten brake over the fall/holiday season, mostly because I forgot. We were on vacation in September and then it just went downhill from there.

But it's a new year and a new 10 on 10! The idea is to take ten photos for ten consecutive hours to remind you of all the beauty in your everyday.

I didn't spread them out quite as much as I'd like today, but it was close.


Brian's been out of town and Andrew's been sick. Guess who's been sleeping in my bed? This is such a rare sleeping photo. I love it.

Good morning sunshine! (So maybe it takes her bit to share the sunshine.)

My breakfast of champions.

The sun came out today, but it took it a bit to burn off all the rain.

Sweet baby, always snacking on something. :) Also, she only wants to use big brother's big cups.

The sun and the clouds were beautiful today. We've been having a real winter the last two or three weeks and I welcomed a respite from cold and gray today.

First of the day in the afternoon. Ahhhh.....

As long as it took me to get this up on our chalkboard I think it will stay all month!

Dinner of champions...some days I really do cook real food. I promise.

Ready for bed. Caroline was already sacked out in her crib because she DIDN'T TAKE A NAP! Also, Halloween pj's are perfectly acceptable year round. He calls them his Spiderman pajamas.

I love him.

Happy tenth, y'all! Did you remember to take photos today?


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