Meagan Musing: Camera Fever

Meagan Musing


Camera Fever


I have camera fever.

It's much safer then baby fever, but it makes my husband run and hide. :)

I've had my Canon 7D for a little over two years. And I love it so much. It has the most amazing focusing system. I like to toggle focus (see this post from last year) and you can't beat the joystick and the 19 focusing points.

And I have some really awesome lenses too. The 35 f/1.4L is positively swoon worthy with its beautiful rich colors and super sharp details. I use it all the time.

So I should not being wanting for anything.


Canon recently came out with two new full-frame cameras: The 6D and the 5D Mark III. The 6D has Wi-Fi built in and you can adjust exposure and take a picture with an app on your iPhone. How awesome is that? And the Mark III has 41(!) focus points.

And this is why I have camera fever.

Do you know about a crop sensor versus a full-frame? Basically a full-frame camera is the same as an old 35mm film camera - a camera captured what the 35mm film would hold.

But a crop sensor camera was created to make SLR technology more accessible to the consumer, not just the pros. It essentially captures the middle of an image and throws away the edges. For my 7D the crop factor is 1.6.

What does this mean? Well, the bigger sensors usually do better at higher ISOs meaning you can shoot better in low light. It also can give you a more shallow depth of field, so you can get a blurrier background. You just get more info per photo.

Do I need all that extra info? Do I need that low light capability?


Should I spend all that money on it?


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