Meagan Musing: Quiet Moments

Meagan Musing


Quiet Moments

My kids are at a new stage for me, at almost four and 17 months, where they can play together on their own for a bit without needing constant intervention.

I still find it a little disconcerting to be outnumbered most days, but we're settled and comfortable and generally know what to expect.

But at 5PM you can throw that all out the window.

It's like my kids turn into wild animals.

The craziness that is dinner, bath, pajamas, playtime, stories and finally glorious lights out! leaves me begging for my own pajamas.

But the other night I grabbed my camera and decided to look for the little moments that I want to remember about our race to bedtime.

And I caught this:

Seriously you two?

This is one of my favorite photos ever.

They might be loud and rambunctious, but they're also sweet and loving and make me so very, very happy.

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