Meagan Musing: Sick Day(s)

Meagan Musing


Sick Day(s)

These photos are brought to you by the sick.

Our house has been all about the pajamas and the Legos.

And Ice Age, oh the Ice Age Continental Drift - that's the new one. We've seen it 25 times this week, I'm sure of it.

He felt hot Tuesday night and by Wednesday afternoon his fever was up around 103. I was sure it was the flu, but it's just a nasty, nasty virus. That apparently lasts a long time.

He gets some energy back and wants to play and then the Advil wears off and it's quickly downhill.

Yesterday he asked me, "Mama, can you make me feel better?"

Oh, buddy, you know I would if I could.

We've had lots of snuggles and sleeping in our bed and missing fun birthday parties this week.

The only bright side? Caroline has escaped it so far. Reason number 432 I'm so happy to still be nursing her. I really think it helps her fight this stuff off.

I'm so ready for him to feel like himself again!


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