Meagan Musing: Perot Museum Visit

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Perot Museum Visit

Waaay back before Andrew got the sick, our little family finally went to the new Perot Museum in Dallas.

We live right in town, and I love being so close to cool things like this. I'm such a city girl.

One of my favorite parts was the view from the top.

We started at the top of the museum and worked our way down.

The dinosaurs are at the top.

Andrew was pretty pumped about that as you can imagine.

They also have a fabulous children's museum section. My favorite part was the climbing space that looks like our city skyline.

Caroline liked the raccoon. :)

And the fire pit too.

We didn't bring a stroller and it was so much easier. Brian wore Caroline most of the time and I had to carry my giant bag and camera, but we were able to go up the cool escalator and the music playing staircase.

If I were to go on my own with both kids though, I'd  have to bring a stroller.

It was all around an awesome place!

We joined for the year and I envision many, many weekend afternoons at the Perot. We also have several friends planning birthday parties there later this year.

Sometimes we think about leaving the city and moving out to the 'burbs, but when Dallas does cool stuff like this (and the Park!) they totally suck me in.

Well done Dallas.

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