Meagan Musing: Eight Years

Meagan Musing


Eight Years

Eight years ago today we were married, surrounded by our friends and family and all their love. I couldn't have asked for a better wedding day.

We were just kids really - 24 years young.


But I know we thought we were grown.

Our photographer hadn't switched to digital in 2004 so our wedding album is full of 5x7s and 8x10s and looks like a traditional photo album. I've had to scan in our wedding photos to have them to share.

Dark ages indeed!

We had a six month engagement leading to our beautiful church ceremony and a fabulously fun Country Club reception.

I didn't have tons of extra time to look at every single detail with such a short engagement, so decisions on flowers and favors and the band were made quickly.

But I remember our cake and wine tasting. That was fun!

I had forgotten how pretty it all was until I flipped through these photos last week.

We danced, and we danced. We saw people we hadn't seen in years. We laughed and kissed a lot. It was just a dreamy, wonderful day.

Eight years and two kids later, and it's still in the top three of my favorite days ever.

Brian and I are so blessed to have great families full of wonderful examples of marriage. Having our parents' support that day and through the years has meant the world to us.

I'm so very happy to have Brian by my side on this great adventure.

Love you babe!

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