Meagan Musing: A Lesson Learned

Meagan Musing


A Lesson Learned

Caroline and I cruised into the checkout at Kroger. She was so smiley and friendly with everyone. I was feeling pretty proud of my cute baby.

Sweet Myrtle started grabbing groceries out of our cart to check us out. I reached into my purse to find my wallet with my Plus card and my Visa, but there was no bright pink wallet to be found.

I pushed aside a sippy cup and crackers and my phone and a pair of socks.

But no wallet.

I remembered immediately - we had been to Target before we stopped at the grocery store and Caroline had squealed for my wallet when I was checking out there. She likes to chew on the little leather zipper fob so I handed it over.

And I knew immediately that I'd left it in the basket in the parking lot at Target.


My cash! My credit cards! My drivers license! My ATM card!

Sweet Myrtle said she'd pray for me, and I grabbed Caroline and we ran out of there like crazy people leaving all my groceries behind.

I called Brian on our way back to Target. He was so comforting, said we all make mistakes, but he wasn't too hopeful that I'd find it.

Also, I don't have nerves of steal. I was sweating like crazy.

I pulled up next to where I'd left my basket, but of course it wasn't there.

I grabbed Caroline and raced inside to the customer service desk. They knew exactly what I was after.

They could see the panic (and probably the sweat) on my face.

Thank you sweet Jesus, they had it!

Oh my, I almost cried with relief. One of the cart guys had found it and taken it to customer service.

Lesson learned: never give your baby your wallet. Never ever, never ever, even if you're sure you'll remember to get it before you load up the car.

Now, please pass the wine.

I need to work on those nerves of steal.

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