Meagan Musing: Ten on Ten - October Edition

Meagan Musing


Ten on Ten - October Edition

I was so happy this morning when I remembered today was Ten on Ten.

The idea: snap a photo every hour for 10 hours to capture the beauty in our everyday lives.

I challenged myself today to look at things from a fresh, new perspective.

Good morning baby girl!

Trucks, trucks everywhere.

The end of the day's first coffee.

Sparkle shoes.

It's October!

I was emptying the dishwasher. I love the the shape and the muted colors here.

My shoes - not sparkly.

Those pants make me happy.

Grape grabber!

One more gratuitous fall shot. Also, you can download that cute pumpkin printable here. :)

So, maybe they're not all a new perspective, but I really love a few of these: Andrew's pants, Caroline's chubby hand in the vegetable drawer and those bowls.

Set a reminder for November 10th now! I want to see your sets. :)

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