Meagan Musing: Preschool Bento - Week 3

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Preschool Bento - Week 3

It was "C" week at preschool and Andrew wanted to bring Caroline's caterpillar for show & tell. I was so proud of him for wanting to talk about his sister with the C name.

Watching Andrew love on and play with Caroline has been one of the greatest things about having babies.

And they got cool lunches this week too.



I used these new transportation sandwich cutters to make his tiny turkey and cheese sandwiches. And he asked for ketchup??

So there's ketchup in the sauce cup along with blueberries, peanut butter crackers and a monkey roll-up.

You better believe he was pumped about the roll-up. He ate every bite of Tuesday's lunch, packed in an Easy Lunch Box.

And if you want to know more about stamping your sandwiches, this post from Wendy, an amazing bento blogger, is super helpful.

For Caroline:


She had turkey roll-ups, sliced Colby cheese, strawberries and pop chips. I think she ate quite a bit of it, but they empty the box so I'm not exactly sure what's left. It was packed in a LunchBots duo. I love this box - it's a great size for little ones.



Ham on plain toothpicks, mustard in the sauce cup, crackers with star-shaped cheese, raisins, carrots and apple cinnamon Chex.

He didn't even open the raisins, so next time I'll have to pour them out so he can see them. They were kind of an afterthought for me.

So I'm in charge of snack for school next week, and I've never done this before. Preschool mamas, what do you bring for snack? And do you bring them in individual baggies for each kid??

I have no idea how this works!

Happy weekend friends!

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