Meagan Musing: To Caroline: On Your Birthday

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To Caroline: On Your Birthday

Sweet baby Caroline,

Yesterday, you turned one. One. It's amazing because just last week I brought you home from the hospital, I'm sure of it. You were this little tiny thing barely fitting in your newborn clothes. And you asked us to hold you about 20 hours a day.

And you know? I was pretty happy to comply with that request.

But now you squirm out of my arms in just the right way so I know you want down immediately. You want down so you can explore, eat our books, climb up the furniture and torment the dog. But I love your sense of adventure. You are clearly your brother's little sister.

You can get up the stairs amazingly fast, escape out the back door and down the step by yourself, climb up the footstool and STAND UP in chairs and ride our little Elmo car through the house.

You'll eat anything. You are seriously hungry and happy to have pretty much anything to snack on. If we're eating something and you want to try it you'll reach and squeal and not give up until you get a bite. I'm happy with your persistence.

You really like music. Just tonight your daddy played his guitar for you and Andrew and I laughed out loud watching you. Your little arms flapped up and down like you thought you could fly and you clapped and cheered. Even Andrew thought you were cute. I thought my heart my explode with love for my little family.

You like to go to sleep! When you're tired you will reach for your crib, snuggle up with your lovey and fall asleep so happily. This is in 100 percent contrast to your brother. But you don't like to stay asleep. :( You're still up once or twice a night to eat. And I'm sure you'll grow out of it eventually, but I'm kinda sleepy.

I put you in dresses almost every day. You have one pair of shorts and one pair of pants. And way too many dresses. Maybe that's what happens when you have a big brother. But you're awfully cute and they don't really seem to get in your way so I think I'll keep it up.

One day last week I saw an older woman and her mother shopping together at Target. The mother was soooooo slow. She wanted to look at every single eyeliner in the makeup department and her daughter was amazingly patient and kind.

That mother-daughter duo brought tears to my eyes, thinking of my mom and her mom and their sweet friendship. The bond between a mother and her daughter is so awesome. And I hope that someday when you're grown and wise we can have that too.

That's kind of wild to think about!

Because for now we spend our days playing pat-a-cake, reading board books and chasing the dog.

And I've never been so happy.

I love you baby Caroline. Your dad and I are so happy to know you and love you.

You are a true blessing from God.


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