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Solo Parenting

Finally everyone's tucked in and sleeping.

I've just finished my fourth solo bedtime this week, and I'm exhausted.

Brian has been out of town since early Wednesday morning, but he'll be home shortly. And I'm really, really looking forward to handing off the kiddos and getting my hair done.

We've also been dog sitting for my parents this week. Wrigley is an adorable and cuddly little dog, but he begs for food all the time.

And my kids are all too happy to oblige. I can't imagine how much people food he's ingested this week.

Also tonight I was helping Andrew out in the bathroom and came back in the kitchen to find their dog ON THE TABLE eating my Chick-fil-a sandwich and fries.

It's a good thing he's so cute. Because I was really mad.

But we've survived this long week and sometimes that's all you can ask.


Andrew is crazy into dinosaurs right now.

We met some friends at an indoor play area this morning. Their girls are the sweetest things, but they're girls and so they're just not as wild as Andrew.

I had to remind him (again) before we got out of the car that it's really not nice to roar loudly in people's faces.

I totally lucked out though because there was another family there with a boy who was older than Andrew, maybe five? He'd brought his action figures and was happy to share, and Andrew thought he'd won the friend lottery.

And so he didn't roar at the girls once. :)

I didn't grow up with boys and sometimes I wonder if Andrew is unusual. I mean, are they really supposed to have that much energy? Are they supposed to run and stomp and climb everything and push their little sisters over sometimes?

So it always makes me feel a little better to see him with other boys.

I think we're doing just fine.

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