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Well, hello there new 'do.

I feel like I've been incognito since I got my hair cut on Saturday.

I'd had the same hair since I went dark three years ago. I'd let it get a little longer, but other than that - the same.

I contemplated cutting bangs earlier this summer, but my stylist talked me out of it. Apparently bangs are really hard to handle in the summer.

And I still don't think she really wanted to cut them this time, but I talked her in to it.

I'm probably crazy and I'll probably regret them soon, but for now - today - I kinda like the new look.

It's like I have a real hairstyle.

Brian likes it, but he keeps giving me funny glances. He says he's still getting used to it. And Andrew today said, "mom, your hair looks different than it usually does. Why did you have to get your haircut?"


Also this weekend - all my people came home!

Brian was gone last week and we all cheered when he walked in the door Saturday afternoon.

My parents had been traveling for TEN days and we were super happy to welcome them back to Dallas on Saturday with a little birthday celebration for my mom.

And I finally hugged my sister again. She lives five streets away and we hadn't seen her in over a week - that is just unacceptable!

I'm a family girl at heart, and I need to see my people more often than I have recently.

We get to meet the kids' teachers this week. Andrew's new backpack came yesterday and he was so excited that he wanted to go to school right then. He might have to bring it with him to meet his teacher! :)

Happy Monday! And good luck if your kiddos are heading back to school today like they are here in Dallas.

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