Meagan Musing: Too Busy & Sourdough Bread

Meagan Musing


Too Busy & Sourdough Bread

Do y'all know what happened to my baby?


Apparently, she's all grown up. She's seven months old now and has decided that this is a perfect time to start crawling (fast!), getting in to everything and flopping around during diaper changes.

It's like one day she was a sweet cuddly baby and now she's an explorer.

I'm still bathing her in the baby tub in my kitchen sink. Hahaha! She splashes water everywhere and generally makes the biggest mess ever. Bath time is her favorite.


All the exploring also means that she's too busy to nurse during the day so she wants to nurse all night. Umm, once I can handle, but midnight, 3AM and 5AM? I neeeed to sleep more than that.


She's eating real food during the day. She eats a lot I think. I give her apple chunks and cheese sticks, watermelon, mum mums and puffs and she usually eats two 4oz packages of baby food too. She should not be that hungry!

Sleep, baby, sleep. Mama is tired.

Andrew is back at Mother's Day Out today. It had been two weeks since he'd been because we were on our trip for a week and then it was Spring Break when we got back.

He was a little hesitant to go back today, telling me that he was scared and wanted to stay home with me. But when we got to school he literally ran in to his classroom and didn't even look back to say goodbye.

He's my stoic child.

And now my house is quiet.

I'm working on photo editing and bread making. That's right. I'm making sourdough bread from scratch. I've never done this before. My starter has been sitting for almost a week. It was bubbly and smelled very sour-ish, so we'll see what happens.

I let my dough rise last night and today I've added more flour, kneaded it and it's currently rising again. So far it hasn't been much hands-on work, but a lot of wait time.

If you're interested in sourdough you can read this post from Kitchen Stewardship. She has lots of other links too if you want to investigate further.

(I made my starter with white flour and I added a bit of packaged yeast to get it started. Maybe I'll be braver next time.)

I'll keep y'all posted on the bread. If it works we're having sandwiches for dinner!

Happy Tuesday friends.


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