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Silly Andrew


It's been a while since I've shared some of the crazy stuff Andrew says. His imagination is more active than ever and it shows up in the funny, funny stuff he says throughout the day.

He randomly comes up to me to kiss my cheek. I say "Thanks for the kiss Andrew." And he says, "no pleasure!" Like it's the most normal response ever.

Apparently he's gotten no problem and my pleasure mixed up.

But, y'all, we don't say these things! Where is he getting this stuff??

He loooooves his baby sister.

So much so that he's married to her already. "Mama, I'm married to Caroline and you're married to me." Okay, buddy. I really thought we'd have some time before all that married stuff, but he's pretty interested.

He's also recently told me that all his buddies sang a song about animal noises at his wedding. I'm sure his bride was happy about that one. :)

He fights sleep every single night. At 8:30 he will have been up since 7:00 straight through - no nap - and he still still doesn't want to lay down to go to sleep.

The other night at bedtime he said, "No, I want to walk. Walking is just like sleeping only it's walking." Yeah, not going to happen.


His GJ (Brian's mom) was in town last weekend. They played together all day Saturday and Andrew had so much fun with her. Sunday morning he jumped in bed with us like he normally does and snuggled for a bit.

Then he turned to me and said, "I'm going to find GJ. I'll miss you today mama!" I guess I know my place since I wasn't going anywhere.

He is in full on WHY mode and most days I just run out of good answers for him, but I try hard. Today he was climbing on the back of the couch and I told him for the one thousandth time to get down and he asked why. "Because you can fall and break your head or your leg and it would hurt. It's just dangerous." I said. And bad for the couch.

His response? "So I will break my tummy and food will come out?". I just didn't even know how to respond to that one.

Seriously, do you have any good tips on the why question? Do I need to answer every time even when his response to my answers is just to continue to ask why??

Some days I don't know if I have enough patience for it all, but the funny moments really help.

Sweet Shot Day

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